Artist Profile

About A.M.Bush

About the Artist

As a lifelong lover of animals, A.M.Bush creates her works with the sense of honestly that comes from painting what she knows best.  A self taught artist with an aptitude for art since childhood, A.M.Bush studies art from life and from the works of her artistic peers.  When not painting, she spends her time taking classes to learn more about animals and art.

About the Artwork

Each painting is based off of a real animal carefully observed by the artist. A reference photo is then chosen amongst hundreds of snapshots taken by the artist. Each reference photo is used only once, ensuring that the painting captures the essence of the animals and is a unique original piece of art.

The paintings are done in an expeditious manner as to parallel the artist’s values regarding the ephemeral qualities of art.  Primarily painted in acrylics, each piece is finished off with a touch of oil paint to bring out rich highlights and shadows.


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